1994 creation
French language

A performance for children aged 2 to 6, first produced in 1994
restricted over 7


"Ear" - full of wisdom an dmajesty - is the queen of all she surveys from the center of the stage. Keeper of the memory of sounds, she knows perfectly how to reproduce what she has just heard.
Unfortunately she is speechless. For her birthday, "Water Sprite" wishes to give "Ear" a full pair of splendid lips.
Half vixen, half pain in the neck, "Mouth" loves a little chat. She experiments with "Ear"'s recollecting abilities : seaside holidays, journey by train, last year birthday party...

Those familiar sounds "Mouth" has forgotten become memories to be recollected as one skims through a picture book. Drawn in pur lines of graphic design, "Bouche d'Oreille" (EarMouth) is founded on an experience common to all children : the bithday party.

After regular art-technique workshops, Bouche d'Oreille (EarMouth) is the final outcome of a close collaboration between the Elephant Vert and the teaching personnel of Jonquières Primary School of Fos-sur-Mer.



Writter and performer: Claire MADELENAT
Stage director : P. DELOSME
Sound design : Thierry SAILLY
Sculpture : Jean RACAMIER
Puppet and Costume : U. DE BELBEZET