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To find new ways of interaction between sound and the actor.
To promote sound to the level of a whole partner (character, object, set element, atmosphere, all at once).
To play on the edge of the mechanical and the living,of live and recorded performances.
To devise new kinds of relations, opening up the world of sounds.



In the last decades, sound and music have taken an increasing part in the sphere of theatre. However development of the dramatical value of sound remains an exception. Though - as well as theatre at large - sound has always driven its own train of images, reollections and tales... Sound can model atmospheres, sceneries, landsscapes... Sound can show some personality, intentions, feelings...


To speak of a sound, one will mention its colour, its shape, dynamics, movement, depth, range, volume, perspective, sensation... All criteria one will use to describe a theatrical impression as well. An acoustic atmosphere can influence or even drive an actor's emotions and intentions, a spectator's feelings and impressions. Wether it comes from a human voice, the environment, an instrumentn acoustic or electroacoustic devices (live or recorded), sound is petentially as important to us as theatre is to all performing techniques.


We have consciously chosen to play on the edge between theatre and sound - we intend to continually break the balance sustaining dramatical ans scenographical abilities of both theatre and sound. We feel the urge to explore their intrications, to bring out accurate blends of dramatic arts and sound techniques - of stage setting and sonic-wave setting.


This research depends on the involvement of sound designers coming from various milieus : sound-effects engineeres, stage-sound engineeres, musicians, electronoise designers... As a result of theses works, our company is able to give the invisible shape, to stimulate the very sensations and emotions in people.













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