Moving theatrical and sound creation of the public space in three stations and three movements




An adventure in the heart of the perceptions that weave our relationships…

Three «TRACORS» have a date with the «city of the brain». They give «their cubes to bodies». They trace within the meanderings of this grey matter. But the technology frenzy will keep going even without them….
Thanks to their synaptic connections, they rediscover living bodies, the public, in order to mirror the world, and rummage further, to find what is within and coming back out. This relational come and go reveals the paths of empathy and emotional gateways. A path to be followed to discover Ariadne’s threads and weave them together in order to recover ourselves.


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Concept designers  : Claire MADELENAT
Stage directors son : Pierre DELOSME

Musical score and sound designer : Stéphane MAZARD
Performers : Philippe MAURICE, Vincent ST LOUBERT BIE, Claire MADELENAT
Equipment manufacturer : Silvain OHL, Georges MATICHARD
Costume designers: Virginie BERGER
Mixing and mastering  : Tuno RATER
Production and distribution : Cerise PRAXY
Administration and Public relations : Sonia MONDON