160 performances in 60 cities of 11 countries

A wandering theatre and sound performance for streets and large indoor spaces

louiscouv Not so much a knight, Louis is more of a wandering searcher, he is nonetheless quite insane and wise.

He is a sound entomologist, a sound collector.

He grasps the sounds which attract him or force themselves onto him.

This rummaging stranger travels through the town listening to sounds, the sound-memories buried inside urban objects.

He wanders along following his intuition, stops, settles, discusses, captures, leaves... Recent memories, historical memories,
memories from the depths of time, the brains of our towns are within his reach.

A tragi-comical character, he reveals, sometimes despite himself, the questions that torment and obsess us...



Video and CD

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Tour 2015 in construction :

Chercheur de Mémoires has also been shown since 2004 :

Ah les beaux jours ! - Igny (91), La journée du chat perché - Dôle (39), Mintfest - Kendal (UK), Journées du patrimoine - Trets (13), Journées du Patrimoine - Nîmes (30), Les Nocturbaines - Paris XXème, Les Jeudis de Perpignan (66), Festival Identiterres - Bages (11), Les Deltaïques - Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône (13), Festival Bédéciné - Illzach (68), Journées du Patrimoine – Châteauneuf les Martigues (13), Eclat - Aurillac (15), Fête du Théâtre - Saint Jean du Gard (30), Festival Z'Arts Up à Béthune (62), Festival des Arts Forains à Namur (Belgique), Fête de la Tour Blanche à Issoudun (36), Festival Art et Déchirure à Rouen (76), Festival Déambul' Dignes-les-Bains (04), FAR à Morlaix (29), Les Nocturnes de la Grille à St Brieuc (22), Festival d'Aurillac (15), Lugar à Dança à Coimbra (Portugal), Fête de Brugges (B), Fête des fleurs à Bruxelles (B), "Extraits" pour les 10 ans de Saison 13 Marseille (13), Fontvieille (13), Festival d'été à Québec (Canada), Festival Font'arts à Pernes les fontaines (84), Festival Tête à Tête - Rastatt (All), La Fête dans la Ville - Amiens (60), Festival de Rue - Moissy Cramayel (77), Festival de Ludwigshafen - Ludwigshafen (All), Spectacles de Grands Chemains - Ax les Thermes (09), La Plage des Six Pompes - La Chaux de Fonds (Suisse), Chateau de Malbrouk - Manderen (57), Pas à p'Art, Nîmes (30), Roppongi Hills, Tokyo (Japon),  Kulturbüro, Holzminden (Allemagne), Lire en Fête, Aurons (13), Festival de Monschau (Allemagne), Les Chromatiques, Fos-sur-mer (13), Chalon dans la Rue - Chalon-sur-Saône (71), Viathea, Görlitz (Allemagne), Torgau (Allemagne), Fête des artistes de Chassepierre, Florenville (Belgique), Festival de Gwacheon (Corée du sud),  FeSt - Séville ( Espagne),  Festival International de las Artes de Castilla Y Leon – Salamanque (Espagne), Regards Croisés sur le Bassin Houiller Cevenol – La Grand Combe (30), Quelques P’Arts le SOAR – Andancette et Boulieu-les-Annonay (26), La Valse des As - Valréas (84), Enclave Calle – Burgos (Espagne), Eutopia - Cordoba (Espagne), Saison d'automne, Sumène (30) et Ganges (34)

“Theatre and Sound” concept designer and writer : Pierre Delosme
Consulting writer : Bernard Avron
Musical score and sound designer : Stéphane Mazard
Stage directors : Bernard Maître & Pierre Delosme
Costume and set designers : Christian & Asta Coulomb
Set creation : Jean-Luc Pennetier & Elie Trouche
Sound module design and sound creation for “The Tree” : Arnaud Bertrand
“Palpeurs” (Sensors) designer : Jean Racamier
Sound engineer : Ali Laouamen
Sound manager : Daniel Bardou
Actor : Pierre Delosme
Studio actors and musicians: Christian Coulomb, Chloé Hervieux, Michel Hulot, Iwan Lambert, Claire Madelénat, Bernard Maître, Yoko Ono, Pakoune, Eric Pécout,
Aïcha Sif, Nathalie Valéro, Raymond Wilde and Pierre Delosme
Administration and public relations : Elsa Cordier


Intention's note

We find the same objects in the street of every town : fountains, rubbish bins, cars, walls, windows, a tree, public benches…
Behind the stone, the glass or water, the earth or the tarmac, the bark or the sheet metal of these inert landscapes, hide the lost memories of life.

In the streets of every town we see men and women, children and old people, healthy or stressed people. And buried deep in their heads are the memories of their life experiences.

In the memory of our surroundings, just like the memory in our heads, the past sleeps well preserved and protected like forgotten files.

Our desire is to give life back to these noises, these sounds, words, speeches and musics which have drifted away in our memories.

The urban object is used as a pretext to bring the past back to life.

Walls that have ears can also have mouths.

Dead memories re-live.
Long live the memory and it’s secrets.

It is time for the living to speak. But this speech is transposed. For our experience and our habits have brought our theatre to play with and juggle with sounds. The sounds made by objects and by humans may now begin resonating.
The public space of the street becomes the home where our privacy is performed.

In every performance, we portray the present, real-life experiences, current issues, the questions we ask ourselves and frailty of our answers.


Iwantyou Director's notes...

- A wandering actor stops, awakens sound-memories, seizes them and (or) converses with them. He is accompanied by a baron (accomplice).

- The deliberate choice of an international language.

- A performance made up of scripted or free scenes, which leave room for improvisation.
These scenes can be performed seperately and at different moments of the day, according to the organisation and set-up of the event.

- Real life scenarios recreated around the street scenery encountered and chosen around the town.
Extract of a continuous speech which can be nibbled in passing or swallowed whole.

- A plot which takes shape and unfolds around every little story of daily life. It tells the towns life story and reveals it's myteries or it's secrets.

deambLouis1 ... Sound notes.

The infinitely variable sound system provides electroacoustic capacities beyond common standards. It is made up of four sound broadcasting channels, three of which are the signal boxes (Balises) and one is the sound tube (Tubassons) which, unlike our last performance "Faunèmes", are not attached to the actor's body.
These channels become mobile sound modules and can be placed at will in order to create the different sound environments that the character needs to inspire the imagination of every spectator.

These modules are placed in the urban space by a baron, according to the situations created by the main character, the Searcher: a multiphonic set-up for an optimal use of space, which gives added impact to the "Theatre and Sound" illusion.

The modules are synchronised and radio-controlled. Either by the actor himself, or by the baron-technician: the improvised scenes can last varying lengths of time, the sound sequences can be adapted to the situations encountered in the street.

The actor can have as many invisible partners as he wishes, the necessary sound backup to express his movements and on a more general level, all of the elements that make up the scenery. In this way, the sound allows every spectator to create his or her own image of the character's environment.

Furthermore, the new sound broadcasting system allows the multiplication of synchronised sound players, thus fixed broadcast points and it is even possible to connect certain sound players to a fixed, hidden sound system.


Creative residences :
Atelier 231 (Centre National des Arts de la Rue - Sotteville-lès-Rouen),
Le Fourneau (Centre National des Arts de la Rue en Bretagne - Brest), la Base 11/19 (Culture Commune - Loos-en-Gohelle).







L'Eléphant vert - Théâtre de rue/street theatre