As for its artistic approach, the pedagogy of actor of Cie l'Eléphant Vert is inspired by all the influences that have passed through its history :
by intervention theater in public space (theater and sound or not), by the diversity of the public concerned (residents, amateur or professional, artisans or employees,
students and workers, schoolchildren and college students), …

The company has always tried to link, through listening, playing and improvising, the lives of urban and rural citizens and theater as a way to "opening to another"
and "living together".

As another way of being in the world...

Our approaches of theater are different. Depending on the project, the identity of participants and their practices, their experiences, but also the places, the landscape
that base their territory, … We will build the pedagogies specifically. We won't approach the participants in the same way according to the group's identity and invested
spaces : streets, gardens, historic places, markets, train stations, factories, scenes, fields, forests, rivers, castles, etc ...

Historical actors of improvisation and their views on the world feed our practices : the comedia dell'arte, the "theater" clown, the street intervention theatre…
Self-derision and critical laughter most often participate in our jubilation.
In addition to the creation of its "theater and sound" pedagogy for the actor, L’Elé­­­phant Vert borrows, depending on the projects, these practices.

We present bellow the pedagogical approaches "theater and sound" and "intervention theater" for free spaces, knowing that
these two approaches have common denominators and are able to cross, to mix to each other …

THEATER AND SOUND (see Artistic method below)

Our pedagogical research takes us beyond the great dramatic territories. We overflow the borders of theater by experimenting new kinds of relations
between dramatic art and sound techniques, between stage setting and sonic wave setting...
The "Theatre and sound" approach encourages to open the artistic field of each individual, through training modules :
workshop cycles, art classes, but also specific interventions. These training modules will eventually lead to theatrical and sound productions.


Sound roles in theatre : sound as a character, as a background, …

Sound languages : The sound, the sounds have their language ; we will classify them into 4 families :
1 - verbal language (words, the "gromelot", onomatopoeia ...)
2 - the language of music (instrumental, acoustic or electro-acoustic)
3 - the language of sound (environmental sounds)
4 - the language of silence

Forms of sound : The forms of expression through sound are multiple. The sound may be figurative, abstract, impressionistic, intimate ...
Sound diffusion ways :  3 families :
1- acoustic way
2- electro-acoustic way, in live
3- electro-acoustic way, recorded

These different aspects of sound will be developed by the practice of active and playful exercises and improvisations.
The working sessions will most often started by an actor's training closely linked to the sound (practice of the body, listening and spatialization).
We will be attentive to the vocal practices (blank voice, resonant body, microphone voice ...). The field of artistic activity of each could be expressed through improvisation,
and also the possible creation of sound sequences, then tested by the group.


- Exercises and games around the body and listening, to create a special relationship between participants, facilitating improvisational theater.
- The specifics of theatrical intervention in public spaces, and the unique relationship to the audience.
- Training actors : the body, the voice, the space.
- A pedagogy of listening : listening, listen each other, be listening.
- The construction of character.
- Improvisation: Author, director and actor of oneself, of the character, ....

An observation of the city, multifaceted scene of street actors, will be performed together to better understand the richness and constraints
of the artistic act in the public space, but also to identify the specific cultural and social identity of the city concerned.
Depending on the identity of the group of trainees and duration of the workshop, small in situ interventions may be proposed.
As we mentioned in our introduction, other pedagogical programs are also offered:
The actor and the mask of comedia dell'arte, the pedagogy of listening, the actor and object, building a character, collective writing, the clown, the animal-human...

Pierre DELOSME comédien - Author, Stage director, Performer

Author, Performer


Since 1993, the company is continuing its research work around the theater and sound relationship, while revisiting its
historical practices of intervention theater, theater for young audiences, and projects linking memories, people and territories.

This creative and cultural activity, which drives the company out of our region as well as abroad, is regularly combined
with workshops and special sessions on different territories : Education (primary and secondary, colleges, teacher training),
social centers, professional training in France and abroad (Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, ...), medical-educational and work
assistance centers, business and cultural centers, city projects, training centers, ...
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