Founded in Fos-sur-Mer in 1982, L’Éléphant Vert proposes all-purpose performances, fit for the street,
the stage, the forest, factories, hospitals, whatever...
L’Éléphant Vert wavers on theatre and sound, playing on the edge between these two worlds, experimenting new kinds of relations
between dramatic art and sound techniques, between stage setting and sonic-wave setting.

L’Éléphant Vert is keen on occupying various spaces as different as possible : stage happenings, walking performances, urban sceneries....
After " ATTENTION SONS! " (Watch out ! Listen !) and " BOUCHE D’OREILLE " (EarMouth), indoor performances for young audience,
" BI ", an ambulatory street performance and " C’EST DU PROPRE! ", tragi-comedy theatre and sound for public spaces
L’Eléphant vert propose five original performances on national, European and International tour :
. Three “theatre and sound” creation for street and large indoor places
- “ DATACULA, the frightful comedy of conscience street ” (2010/11), First play for Soundscope 360°

- " CHERCHEUR DE MÉMOIRES " (2003), (Memory Searcher), ambulatorie “theatre and sound” creation (146 perf. in 52 cities of 10 countries)

- “ FAUNEMES ” (2000), ambulatorie “theatre and sound” creation (179 perf. in 80 cities of 14 countries)
. A theatrical intervention :

- “LE MEILLEUR AMI DE L’HOMME” Wandering and provocative theatrical intervention (127 perf. in 39 cities of 6 countries)
and :
- “PLOUM PLOUF” : creation for young audience (3-6 years old) (71 performances in France)

This creative activity, which drives the company out of our region as well as abroad, is regularly combined
with workshops ans special sessions.

Settled on the estate of Boisviel in eastern Camargue, the company now runs a whole creative and training instrument,
including a sound recording studio and a 150m2 rehearsal room.
L’Éléphant Vert shows some reluctance to categorization and will not fit into a norm or a specific sphere -
Rather, we stand at the crossing of all entertainment genres,
the only location where any kind of encounter is made possible.


































L'Elephant vert theâtre de rue / street theatre / arts de la rue