Theatre and sound lecture...


A session about theatrical sound.
This session may be run along with one of our shows.
It is intended for children and young people.
It can be run as a part of a school program, as entertainment or any other kind of situation.
It lasts for 50 minutes and suits a 50 people audience at best.
The set runs for half a day (2 sessions) or a full day (4 sessions).

Two funny lecturers (along with a musician) intend to reveal how auditive datas are being processed and organised through perception of the acoustic environment responses.
Under your very ears, we analyse :
- sound as a VIBRATION
- sound perception by the EAR
- sound ANATOMY : range, intensity, tone, beat...
- sounds CLASSIFICATION : natural sounds or voices of nature (wind, rain, and so on...) , craft sounds (music instruments, sound produced by human activity), noises and their consequences...
- the great potentiality of human voice ("audio-voice loop"), puns, the sound of words, the names of sounds.

The whole work is backed-up by surprise or scheduled recordings, the whole thing being made up at the lecturers' and listener's will.

A few technical requisites : a quiet 10m2 room - earth power supply - two to four tables - and a sound system that meets the Company agreement.

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